Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blogging on some new things

Well folks, as treatment is over cancer is not going to define me on the blogosphere any longer. Therefore, I've started a new blog - A Philadelphia Guy's Blog. If the techy stuff isn't your thing, be sure to use the Health Updates link there, so it will filter that stuff out!

This blog will kinda be a mismash of everything, including checkup updates. I liked the blogging, and to be honest there were times I wanted to add more, but didn't want to change the theme. Now, I can do that. I'll be sure to tag posts about my treatment there so you can find them easily.

For everyone who followed along, its been a long, strange trip :) Thanks for riding it with me, and let's hope we don't have to do it ever again. As I've told the wonderful staff at the Paoli Cancer Center: I love you all to death, and I hope I never see you again in a professional capacity!


Ron said...

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Bobby said...

Will follow you to your new blog. :) Thank you for updating us of your changes in blog theme.

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